House Of Cards Is Getting A Spinoff

Netflix announced on Monday that popular political show House of Cards would be ending after its sixth season following disturbing allegations made against series star Kevin Spacey; but fans won't have to say goodbye to the dark, twisted world of the Underwoods just yet.
Variety confirmed Monday evening that a House of Cards spinoff would still be happening, despite all of the horrific news surrounding Spacey. Though Netflix hasn't revealed exactly what the new series will look like, the company's given out a few details, including the fact that the upcoming drama will remain in the same universe as the original fan favorite.
One potential idea, Variety reports, would focus attention on Doug Stamper, the sly and ruthless political aide who helped carry out some of Frank's most nefarious plans, and would be written by Eli Roth. The idea to dive into Doug's world is, in my opinion, a good one. Michael Kelly's performance was one of the most riveting aspects of the first five seasons, and there's still plenty of room for further character development, including his history with substance abuse and his obsession with former prostitute Rachel Posner.
Should they not go this route, putting Claire Underwood in the spotlight would be a great decision. The story could be fascinating, potentially exploring a divorce and her solo mission to rise to the top. Madame President absolutely suits her.
Fans seem to agree, with one Twitter user writing: "Just focus on Claire Underwood's reign and maybe have her groom an apprentice and that's how you could save the series, cause I do like it."
In fact, viewers are so interested in a Claire-centric series that they started tweeting requests before the news of a spinoff even hit.

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