Stranger Things 2 Fans, We Invite You To Join The Erica Sinclair Appreciation Society

This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 2. Reading on will reveal plot points about the season.
Stranger Things loves a deep-dive into sibling dynamics. In season 2, Eleven/Elle/Jane has a "sister" who wants her to kill. Hawkins newcomer Max has a step-brother who thrives on terror. But it's the caustic contributions of Lucas' kid sister Erica — 2017's answer to Dee from What's Happening! — that scream "huge spin-off potential." Forget Barb and #JusticeForBob. If Erica Sinclair gets benched Holly Wheeler-style in season 3, we will be unleashing a Demagorgon on the Duffer Brothers.
Played by Priah Ferguson, the grumpy grade-schooler only pops up in four episodes this season, but her attitude is as infectious as that creepy Mind Flayer virus wreaking havoc on Will. Is she abusive? Oh yes. Is she a chief nerd-shamer? Most definitely. Would we invite her to a slumber party, even though she'd probably freeze our bras and use her Lisa Frank markers to draw zits all over our face while we slept? Hell yes.
What can we say? There's something charming about a little girl with zero tolerance for Audio Visual Club B.S. and a healthy appreciation for He-Man's potential as a sex object. And honestly: Who decided to have Billy's visit to the Sinclair home occur off-screen? You just know Erica — who hasn't worn the same hairstyle twice, because she is just that extra — would have something to say about that crunchy mullet.
It's no surprise that membership in the Erica Sinclair Appreciation Society is booming.
So here's your season 3 storyline: syrup queen Erica and Eggo enthusiast Eleven bond over breakfast foods and start their own club, Code Shut Your Mouth. The end.
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