Gloria Allred Urges Weinstein Company To Make A Fund For Harvey's 50+ Accusers

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Gloria Allred is determined to get The Weinstein Company "to put their money where their mouths are" and set up a fund for the dozens of women who have accused film mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The feminist lawyer made the statement on Wednesday while sitting with her client, actress Natassia Malthe, the latest of many women to come forward with claims against Weinstein.
According to THR, Malthe has alleged that the Hollywood producer sexually assaulted her, masturbated in front of her, and tried to get her to join him in a threesome in 2008.
"Let the world know [The Weinstein Company] stand with Harvey's victims," she said during Wednesday's press conference in New York. "They made many, many, many millions of dollars while Harvey Weinstein was behaving in the most egregious and reprehensible acts imaginable."
Allred claimed that the massive company has not done enough to apologize for its complicity and mentioned a report which indicated The Weinstein Company knew about some of the secret settlements Weinstein made with women, THR reports.
"It's easy to weep crocodile tears for Harvey's victims," she said. "Action and concrete steps are needed."
For now, Allred is waiting to secure a meeting with The Weinstein Company's board of directors to "seriously discuss justice for victims."
Though it wouldn't absolve Weinstein for his heinous acts, nor would it provide much comfort the women who have accused him, creating a fund for survivors would demonstrate a modicum of decency we've yet to see from the powerhouse company. And since far too many people seem to only be motivated by money, establishing a fund could signal to others that harassment and assault from anyone within a company, while vile, will also wind up costing everyone.
Malthe is Allred's fourth client to allege sexual harassment and assault against Weinstein. The other women include Mimi Haleyi, Louisette Geiss, and Heather Kerr.
During Wednesday's press conference, Malthe also shared details into her disturbing encounters with Weinstein. In one instance, Weinstein tracked her down at her hotel, repeatedly knocked on her door, entered, and masturbated on her bed.
"It was not consensual. He did not use a condom," she said. "However, he did not ejaculate inside me. After having sexual intercourse, he masturbated...I believe I dissociated during the time he was having sex with me...I played dead."
She added that the experience made her depressed and anxious.
If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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