These Emoji-Shaped Fruit Snacks Are Our New Obsession

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince​ ​&​ ​Spring​.
What's on my desk this week? A box filled with tiny bags of fruit-flavored, emoji-shaped gummies that are fittingly named, Fruitmojis. Now allow me to start by stating that this is exciting for two major reasons: first, because of the novelty fun shape factor; and second, because we happen to be avid fruit snack consumers as well as (self-proclaimed) connoisseurs. And so when Prince & Spring's brand new and Fruitmoji product arrived, we were more than ready to dig in and get down to snacking business.
Upon opening one of the sleek little pouches, we were pleased to find seven substantial nickel-sized fruit snacks inside. They were smooth and weighty with a distinctly fruit-forward scent — a hint that tends to bode well for the snack's flavor factor as well. Unlike other novelty-shaped snacks (who shall remain unnamed), the Fruitmojis actually looked like emojis and not like a pack of boring amorphous blobs. The six shapes and corresponding flavors consisted of a cherry-flavored "Flame," strawberry "Heart," orange "Pizza," green fruit punch "Money," and grape "Poop." Yes that's right, there was even an edible poop-moji in this fruit snack lineup.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince​ ​&​ ​Spring​.
Once we popped a few of the punchy gems into our mouths, the final flavor stamp of approval was sealed; for a natural gummy with zero synthetic ingredients, these snacks are packed with major flavor. Post munching, our team of fruit-snack-critics had been converted into Fruitmoji fanatics who couldn't wait to order their very own private stash. And a stash is truly what you'll get when ordering these provocative gummies; you can scoop up a 60-pack online from Boxed for $9.99. That's enough to keep you in Fruitmojis-snacking business for two whole months, fam.
*Hot Tip: Play with your food; we had a little too much fun making Fruitmoji words based on the snack shapes.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince​ ​&​ ​Spring​.
Photo: Courtesy of Prince & Spring.

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