Wedding Planners Share Their Most Frightful Horror Stories & We're Cringing

Photographed by Megan Madden.
An old bit of wisdom goes that something will inevitably go wrong at your wedding, so you should just enjoy it in all its imperfection because it's about celebrating with the people closest to you, and not about the weather or centerpieces or your dress ripping.
But, if you choose to hire a wedding planner, it's their job to make sure that as little goes wrong as possible. They're there to take care of every last detail while the couple schmoozes, dances, and cuts the cake.
Unfortunately, wedding planners aren't omnipotent and things do go wrong when they're at the helm. Sometimes, very, very wrong. Horror-story wrong. Brides magazine recently interviewed wedding planners about their most stressful moments, and some of them are truly cringe-worthy.
It is almost Halloween, after all. Gather 'round and read these wedding-planning horror stories.
"On the day of the wedding, the issues came to a head and the father of the bride disappeared," said wedding planner Gina Wade. "We literally could not find him for over an hour. When we finally located him, he was visibly upset and it took a little coaxing to get him to go and get dressed for the wedding... I did my best to console him, listen to him vent his concerns, and encourage him to accept the fact that his daughter was happy and his absence from her wedding would break her heart. He attended the wedding and seemed fine the rest of the night. Whew!"
One guest had so much fun that he jumped into a river at the end of the night, said wedding planner Crystal Salazar. "Every sort of emergency vehicle for land or a waterway came rushing to the scene, only for the guest to be discovered in perfectly good health an hour later," she said. "I spent 60 minutes worried this guest had jumped to his death, but it turns out the alcohol made him incredibly resilient. After we knew he was safe, I took solace knowing he was sitting in custody sobering up."
New Orleans-based wedding planner Emily Sullivan told Brides about a wedding that took place during Mardi Gras. The best man forgot the rings in the hotel — which was really hard to get to because of all the traffic. "As expected, traffic was a nightmare; you couldn’t move around at all. While my assistant was running about a mile to get to the hotel and back, I borrowed a ring from a man in the crowd who was about the same size, and we used that for the ceremony. She made it back in time for the priest to bless the actual rings after," she said.

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