The Heartbreaking Reason This Bride Held An Early Wedding Photoshoot

Warning: Do not read this wedding story on the Love What Matters Facebook page without a box of tissues next to you, because it's a tear-jerker.
The woman who wrote it, Brittany, was planning her wedding when she learned that her grandmother Ellen's stage four breast cancer was getting worse. Ellen was scared she'd never fulfill her dream of dancing at her granddaughter's wedding. So Brittany came up with a plan to make sure that happened: She held an early wedding photoshoot, but instead of her fiancé, she invited her grandma to join her in the photos.
The photoshoot took place on a field near where Brittany lived. "Her grandma's reaction when she finally saw was the sweetest thing," the photographer Mikayla said in the post. "She just held her hands to her face. It was genuinely the most loving moment I've ever captured."
Brittany's grandma not only got to see her all dressed up for her wedding but also got to have her dance. "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride played as they danced and cried. They also read letters they'd written to each other out loud.
"I'd like to capture through pictures the love I have for her and the love she gives me," Brittany wrote. "Life is too special and short when you have special people in your life, to take them for granted."
People flooded the post's comments section with stories of loved ones who barely got to see them for their weddings. Many came up with creative solutions like Brittany when their loved ones couldn't make the wedding day itself. Whether or not Brittany's grandmother ever got to see her on her actual wedding day, they now have an incredible memory to share — and beautiful photos to remind them of it.

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