People Are Not Happy About What McDonald's Just Posted On Facebook

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.
Over the weekend, McDonald’s UK posted something on Facebook that understandably had people very upset. No, the chain didn’t share some divisive political opinion, bash a fellow fast food company, or post any of the usual content that gets Facebook users angry. Instead, McDonald’s shared an optical illusion that features black and white lines and is almost too painful to look at for more than a couple of seconds.
Accompanying the nauseating picture, McDonald’s wrote, “Tag a mate who should read between the lines... According to BuzzFeed, if you stare at the image long enough, you should be able to see that it says “Bring McNuggets,” but we weren’t able to get there. Those Magic Eye games have always been a challenge for us, and based on the many hostile comments under the post, we’re not the only ones for whom this was a struggle.
One of the top comments left under the post said, "That just messed up my eyes. Thanks McDonald's." Hilariously, it seems that McDonald's UK gives zero Fs about this person's eyes because it responded with a simple "#SorryNotSorry." It looks like McDonald's UK is now trying to cultivate a sassy social media persona that has recently proven beneficial for several other chains, like Denny's.
McDonald's UK also posted the optical illusion on Twitter, and although it's been retweeted 415 times, the comments seem to carry the same "how could you do this to my eyeballs?" sentiment.
We're all for McDonald's becoming the next fast food joint to be known for snappy quips and comebacks, but clearly most of its followers would prefer to not have their eyes dragged into the drama. Honestly, it probably would have gone over better if McDonald's had just thrown some good old fashion shade at a fellow chain. That seems to have worked out pretty well for Wendy's and Hardee's.
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