Is Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Going To Be In Her New Music Video?

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The ever-elusive Taylor Swift is reportedly shooting a music video in London right now, which raises the question: Is Joe Alwyn, ever-elusive maybe-boyfriend of Swift, in the video? TMZ reported that Swift was spotted in London on a few different sets this weekend. The supposed music video has a "planes, trains and automobiles" theme, it seems — Swift was spotted on a double-decker bus, inside a London taxi cab, and riding a bike. (Prediction: There will be a transportation-themed song on Swift's forthcoming album.) Twitter users also snapped the singer filming at a kebab shop.
More importantly, though, Swift's reported boyfriend Joe Alwyn is a London native. It's possible that Alwyn will make an appearance in the video. And, if he doesn't, his presence will certainly be manifested via the usual Swiftian clues.
Swift's song "...Ready For It" is widely believed to be about Alwyn. This is Taylor Swift we're talking about — she can't pen a song without giving birth to a couple of conspiracy theories. In the song, she says of her lover: "[he's] younger than my exes/But he act like such a man so." Entertainment Weekly pointed out that Alwyn is 26, and Swift's exes Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris are both in their 30s. Swift also calls her beau a "killer" in the song. Alwyn played soldier Billy Lynn in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016). Billy Lynn — spoiler alert — kills a few people in that movie.
The reality is that there's very little for us to know as of now. Reputation won't drop until November 11, and Swift is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to her work. Reportedly, though, she's holding secret Reputation listening sessions with superfans, as per E! Online and Reddit. Reddit has a healthy community of Swifties, all of whom are dedicated to cataloging everything they know about Swift. Some of the secret session attendees shared photos of the experience on Twitter.
These sessions were, of course, top secret, but Reddit seems to think that certain attendees leaked information about the album. (Then again, what if Swift herself condoned a few leaks? Publicity is a fickle mistress.) There's an entire thread dedicated to what Swifties know about the album so far, based on the sessions. Supposedly, there is one song that is about being in love, which isn't exactly novel. There is also a song that will you make you cry, also not exactly novel. One Reddit user alleges that Swift employs swear words in the album, something she's been averse to in the past. Allegedly, Swift herself describes it as a "night album."
What do we really know? Not that much. But if it is a "night album" with swear words, a video set in London at night seems like a perfect fit.
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