10 Halloween Costumes That Could Score You A Date

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Finding any regular old Halloween costume isn't too much of a struggle, but let's face it — Halloween is a holiday in which you truly go big or go home. As such, most of us are looking for the most creative costume ideas. And if you happen to have a date on or around Halloween night, the pressure is on.
According to data that dating app Hinge shared with Refinery29, October 27 (or the Friday before Halloween this year) may just be one of the biggest days to set up a date. Since last year’s Friday before Halloween was the biggest day of the fall season for numbers to be exchanged on the app, Hinge is predicting that this year will be somewhat similar.
If you need some costume inspiration, Hinge has you covered — the app compiled the top 10 costumes that were most likely to score their users a date, or costumes that 1) have received over 100 profile likes on user profiles, 2) led to the most conversation starters, and 3) are set to score you the most attention this Halloween.
While you probably wouldn't (and shouldn't) pick a costume purely based on whether or not it could get you a date, it doesn't hurt to get a few ideas stewing before the big day.
Read on to see what worked for Hinge users.

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