Costco Just Launched An Online Delivery Service

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Costco rolled out a grocery delivery service this week, which means we'll never again feel guilty on those not-so-rare Sundays when we don't feel like getting off the couch to do our weekly grocery shopping. The new service is appropriately named CostcoGrocery, and according to, the service was announced recently by the warehouse chain's CFO Richard Galanti while on a conference call about fourth-quarter financial results.
Through CostcoGrocery, customers will be able to order from 500 non-perishable items, including food and household goods. If you order more than $75 worth of stuff with CostcoGrocery, two-day shipping is absolutely free. We don't know about you, but we can't really remember the last time we went to Costco and spent less than $75, so the free shipping will probably be pretty easy to achieve. If you're a more thrifty spender, however, Thrillist reports that if you order less than $75-worth of items through CostcoGrocery, you will have to a pay $3 shipping fee, which is really no big deal.
If, for some reason, you need your cereal, soups, and paper towels that very day, Costco won't ask questions, and more importantly, the store has a delivery solution for you, too. also reported that Costco is expanding Instacart delivery to more cities across the U.S. and is offering even more Costco products through the service. Now, same-day delivery is available through Instacart from 376 Costco locations, and you can even get fresh products delivered to your front door.
To place an order with the brand new service, simply go to Costco's website and browse through the grocery categories listed under the CostcoGrocery tab. You'll find Kirkland brand products, organics, cleaning supplies, and much more, and the website even keeps track of how much more you need to spend before you unlock free shipping.
Unfortunately, you'll see that items ordered through CostcoGrocery cost a little bit more than they would if you were purchasing them in the store, but if you consider convenience, the extra cost might be well worth it. Additionally, while you don't have to be a Costco member to use the service, when you register, there is a notice that says, "Non-members may be assessed an additional surcharge for purchases," so keep that in mind, as well. According to, shipping is available to nearly everywhere in the country except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. So, next time we find ourselves needing to replenish our pantries but don't feel like venturing out of the house — which will probably be soon — Costco has us covered.
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