The Internet Is Obsessed With This Mom's Breast Pump Dance

Breast pumping can take work, but at least one mom found a way to make it fun. On Monday, TV host Eden Grinshpan shared a video of herself on Instagram using a breast pump, hands free — and it looks seriously life-changing.
In the video, Grinshpan, a New York-based chef and host of Top Chef Canada, can be seen wearing a bra and electric breast pump that frees her hands up long enough for her to make pumping a little more fun with a dance (namely, the robot).
As of writing, the video has gone viral with over 28,000 views, and it's easy to see why people are so captivated.

Monday MOOD.?? Let’s do the #pumpdance #momlife #pumplife ?- @glamourismylife

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Grinshpan told Cosmopolitan that she has been nursing since she gave birth to her daughter, Ayv, in April.
"Breastfeeding has become the best part of my day, because it’s my quiet moment with my child while she’s happy and eating," she said.
Now that she's busier, however, the hands-free pump has made having to pump every two to three hours a little more enjoyable.
"I put the pump on one night at dinner, and it started making these loud rhythmic noises," she told Cosmo about the video she posted. "Without realizing it, I started dancing to the beat of the noises, and my husband Ido started laughing at me."
"I got so into dancing that I spilled a little milk, but it was worth it," she added.
A hands-free pump is great for dancing and for any moms who may use their pumping "break" to keep working.
"If you're a working mom and you’re breastfeeding, this is your life," Grinshpan told Cosmo. "Motherhood is full of such bizarre weird things you have to do all the time, you have to just go with it and have fun."
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