This New Show Is Giving Us Big Little Lies Vibes

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Big Little Lies may have been only seven episodes, but it's safe to say it made a huge splash in the entertainment world. The Reese Witherspoon-produced HBO drama won several awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Limited Series. It's the deeply moving story that made it so compelling to audiences: watching these "perfect" women with "respectable" jobs handle all that life throws at them.
And now, there's a new show coming that is giving us major Big Little Lies vibes, in the best possible way. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on a new drama that will be premiering on ABC. It's an adaption of Black Widow, a show by Finnish creators Roope Lehtinen and Mikko Polla. It will be helmed by Caroline Dries, who will write and produce the American version of the show.
Spoiler alert! The original Black Widow is about three women who are married to garbage men. Their abusive husbands die mysteriously, and the three woman are inexorably tied together. Can you feel the Big Little Lies vibes yet? We're hoping that ABC brings out some serious talent, because this story sounds beautifully dark.
If you've never seen Big Little Lies, you may have seen one of Caroline Dries' shows, because she's created several successful ones. She was the showrunner for the Vampire Diaries, which consumed a good part of our soul as a teen, as well as Melrose and Smallville, which devoured another few years of our life. She also recently adapted the comic Witchblade into a show for NBC.
Is Black Widow going to be geared towards a young adult audience? We're not really sure, but given that it's going to be on ABC, we doubt it. No word on a premiere date as of yet.

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