Broad City Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: "Mushrooms"

If you felt Broad City's absence last week (the last episode was two Wednesdays ago), you're not alone, so Abbi and Ilana are back with gusto. Tonight's episode was classic Broad City, with the two women teaming up for a drug-fueled adventure that, of course, goes south. This time, our heroines have traded weed for 'shrooms, and oh boy, are they feeling it.
The episode begins with a groovy, partially-animated sequence illustrated by Mike Perry, who's created the art for the show these past four seasons, as the two adventurers take the drugs and go for a walk around the city. The story really kicks off, however, when Abbi gets a text from her boss, Dara (Wanda Sykes). She needs macaroons for her party in the next hour, and Abbi and Ilana are forced to run the errand while tripping. They arrive at the party, pastries in tow, and the night begins.
Two separate storylines emerge, starting with Ilana, who spots a tall, gorgeous woman (Alysia Reiner) across the room. She goes over to work her magic, and finds out that although she has a partner, Dean, they are always looking for someone to "show them a good time." Wink wink, nudge nudge.
Over with Abbi, she's really making progress with her boss. In fact, Dara wants to grab dinner with Abbi and talk over her future, and the possibility of more "creative assignments." AKA, everything Abbi has ever wanted.
Abbi and Ilana reunite to share their respective good news, and although Abbi's trip appears to be going south (the weed they just smoked definitely didn't help), Ilana jets out to fulfill her sexual dreams.
The moment the threesome arrives back at the couple's apartment, their clothes come off, but Ilana can't quite get into it ("It's like the Sahara down here," Dean says). She takes repeated bathroom breaks to figure out what's holding her back from what she thought was her ultimate fantasy, and the reason for her hesitation becomes clear the moment an animated Lincoln head starts following her around the apartment.
Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Meanwhile, things are only getting worse for Abbi. She's accidentally locked herself in a room with the cat whose constant meowing is really getting into her head. She lets the cat out and fully succumbs to the drugs as terrifying images plague her brain, punctuated by even more meowing. She's rescued by Dara, who reveals that Abbi is not locked in the room at all. That's when Abbi finally comes clean about having a bad trip, and Dara is more than understanding. "This too shall pass," the two women repeat in unison. She'll get through this! It's okay!
Except it's not. Because that meowing Abbi was hearing? It was the cat getting crushed between the door the deck and the screen. "This too shall not fuckin' pass," Dara yells. "You're fired." So much for those creative assignments.
Things are going just as well for Ilana. The couple has picked up on her hesitation, even as she stands proudly wearing a strap-on, and realizes that she's not quite on their level. For both women, the night is well and truly over.
The next day, Ilana decides it's time to forget about Lincoln once and for all. She gives herself one more binge of photos and posts about his new girlfriend before unfriending him on all social media. As they sit side-by-side in bed, both women realize they're back at square one. But when it comes to Broad City, isn't that kind of the best?

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