These Little Caesars Employees Turned Work Into A Party & Now We Want Applications, Please

In case you were wondering what Little Caesars employees do after they're done making your pizza, it looks like they're having more fun than any of their customers. A viral video shows two employees dancing their hearts out to Rockwell's 1997 song "In a Dream," Eater reports.
First, one employee closes the door and dances to the walk-in freezer, where there's another one dancing in just a pair of shorts, who proceeds to pour sauce all over himself. Then, the first one decides to take his shirt off as well and climb up on the furniture to continue the dance party.
The YouTube account Gutybcf posted the video, aptly called "Dancing in little Caesars," to YouTube on September 15. Then, Twitter user @lordflaconegro tweeted it with the caption, "Hey @littlecaesars I left my phone at one of your establishments and this video was uploaded on my iCloud help."
The caption was a joke, @lordflaconegro told Refinery29 — they actually just found the video on Twitter. So, we're not sure who it came from. The YouTube account that posted it appears to be a meme-sharing account. Little Caesars doesn't appear to be taking it too seriously either, because they haven't responded to @lordflaconegro. Nevertheless, the tweet's gotten over 39,000 likes and 16,000 retweets.
"I do not work at Little Caesars, but I am confident that is not the standard sauce preparation procedure," someone joked. Another assured them, "As a former employee of @littlecaesars, I can confirm that this is in fact the proper sauce prep procedure."
"It was funny and carefree I guess," said @lordflaconegro. "Just kids havin fun." That's what seems to appeal to people about this video: These people really know how to make the most of their night in a way a lot of us wish we did.

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