Kaia Gerber Just Had Her Hair Sucked Into A Vacuum For Fashion

For its SS18 show in Paris yesterday, Chanel sent models stomping down a wooden runway set against a backdrop of spectacular rock formations, greenery, and pounding waterfalls (with none other than Kaia Gerber leading the charge). It was an exhilarating set that proved its own paradise, while the clothes — in signature black-and-white palettes, tweed and fringe — brought all the glamour one would expect from Chanel. But it was the hair that made us do a double take: models wore nape-of-the-neck ponytails filtered through transparent, inches-long acrylic tubing. The look is clean AF (and will go a long way against protecting hair from frizz in rainy weather). We want! But first, a question: How the eff did stylists manage to cram hair through these slim tubes to achieve the perfectly sleek look?
Thankfully, legendary stylist Sam McKnight has answers — but you're not gonna like them. Forget blow dryers and straightening irons — the mastermind behind the look used the power of vacuum suction to squeeze the voluminous pony through the Perspex tubes.
Demonstrating the feat on model Binx Walton, the video shows a stylist using the tube as an extension to a vacuum hose, feeding the hair through its end, then pushing it upward with a head-pulling slurp. (It’s an oddly satisfying watch — just try to stop at one view). Before polishing a bit of debris left by the vacuum hose on the end of the tube, the stylist in the video finishes the look by securing the tube in place with tied-and-snipped bungee cords.
The final look seems easy enough to dupe, not to mention fun as hell to experience (Walton even gives a playful laugh as the vacuum action does its thing). And while the styling trick may seem way out of left field, it’s one that innovative dads have used to style their own daughters hair for years now. But we still don't know if we're on board.
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