How To Pair Wine & Popcorn Like A Gladiator For Scandal's Final Season

Photo: Getty Images.
Scandal returns for a final season on October 5, and we only have one question. No, not “Will Olivia and Fitz ever go make jam in Vermont together?” That will reveal itself in due time. Right now, the number one question should be, “Are we serving popcorn and wine at our viewing party?”
Like perfectly-tailored capes and ever-changing alliances, wine and popcorn became an iconic part of the show early on. Equal parts glamorous (have you seen Olivia Pope’s amazing wine glasses?!) and unpretentious, it’s the dinner or snack of a fabulous, morally ambiguous gladiator-on-the-go. If you aspire to Olivia Pope-levels of style that don’t involve bringing back covert government prisons, we can think of no better way to pay homage to her than by serving your own popcorn and wine for the premier.
The Scandal universe tends to keep it pretty simple, with red wine and regular popcorn, but because the final season only comes around once, we’ve come up with pairings for every type of popcorn, from savory to sweet. Can’t decide? Try a different one with every episode. While we can’t guarantee jam in Olivia’s future, we can guarantee at least one red featuring jammy notes.

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