This Ina Garten Fact Will Blow Your Mind

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Ina Garten is known for her love of butter, her adoring husband, and her binge-worthy cooking show, but even her most die-hard fans may not know that she doesn't partake in one of their favorite pastimes.
Delish reports that even with 15 years and 23 seasons of Barefoot Contessa under her apron strings, Garten has never watched an episode of her own show. In fact, she doesn't watch cooking shows at all.
"I never watch cooking shows, certainly not mine," she told People. "I'm glad other people like it, that’s all I can say."
So even though epicurious foodies and even armchair chefs can't get enough of Garten's signature blend of comfort food and Hamptons hospitality, she's not tuning in. Instead of binging those butter-laden episodes, Garten spends her time testing new recipes to share with her beloved Jeffrey and her loyal audience. She actually credits the success of Barefoot Contessa to her husband, who she calls her biggest fan. Consider him a stand-in for just about everyone who has access to Food Network, because there's probably not a soul out there that can resist homey roast chicken, picture-perfect fruit tarts, and those shots of Garten picking herbs from her manicured garden.
"He's a great audience, because whatever I serve, he says, 'That's the best thing I've ever had!' Which is why I love to cook for him!" Garten says of Jeffery. "I think he really means it at the moment, but then the next time, it's something else."
And while she doesn't watch cooking shows, she knows exactly how to give her audience what they want. Instead of continuing in the vein of Barefoot Contessa, her latest season, Cook Like a Pro, incorporates basic techniques into the episodes. That way, even beginners can develop a foundation before tackling Barefoot faves like Garten's renowned roast chicken.
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