Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Come a little closer — they're not going to bite! (And even if they do...) Love planet Venus is making moves this week, getting in bed with sexy Pluto on Wednesday and landing next to her celestial soulmate Mars on Thursday for a rare, exact connection. These heart-opening transits will make it hard to resist Cupid's arrows. But thankfully, we won't lose our good sense in the process. With both Venus and Mars in virtuous Virgo, standards should remain high.
And good luck to the lazy lover who gets a little too comfortable. (To the left, to the left...) On Thursday, the annual full moon in Aries brings an epic surge of self-esteem. From body-shamers to Betsy DeVos, the trolls make it hard out here for a modern-day woman. But with fierce warrior queen Aries helming this full moon, we'll all get our fight back. In fact, all the world is a talent show under these potent moonbeams. Let your superpowers be seen! Independence and originality will be rewarded this week. Just avoid any reckless or daredevil moves. And wear a helmet when riding your bike or that "just for tonight" Tinder date.