How A Man's Cold Led To A Public Transit Love Story

If you regularly commute via train or bus, chances are you've fallen in love with someone on public transit. Okay, maybe you didn't fall in love — but you've likely seen at least one person who caught your eye, whether it was because of the book they were reading, or a face that you just found attractive.
While most of us don't get a chance to act on our subway love story daydreams, one woman witnessed the best meet-cute between two strangers on the London Tube.
A YouTuber who goes by DebraChosen tweeted on Friday that she witnessed a possible love story that came about because of one man's cold. It all began, she wrote, when a woman offered a tissue to a man whose nose was running. In turn, he offered her his seat.
It didn't end there. The woman, as it turns out, pulled a pretty classy move — and it paid off.
(And yes, Debra's usage of GIFs is what really elevates this story.)
The strangers discussed what stop they were each getting off at on the Tube, but before Debra could hear more, she unfortunately had to leave the train.
"It definitely hurt that I had to get off but you know I had a job to report to," Debra told Metro UK. "There are bills to be paid and what not. Plus I didn’t think my boss would feel 'witnessing TFL romance' was a valid enough reason for being late (unfortunately)."
However, she said that she's a "self-confessed hopeful romantic," and she has a few ideas on how the rest of their interaction went.
"My wishful thinking tells me that the gentleman wasted no time in taking up the seat I left vacant next to her, and proceeded to give her his number, whilst escorting her all the way to Canary Wharf, lost in conversation about mutual interests and wonderful things," she told Metro. "The sad truth is that we may never know, but I think that’s what makes this love story that little bit more special."
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