A Friends & Will & Grace Crossover Could Happen & We Aren't Ready

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC.
Could these two iconic NBC sitcoms be the next big TV crossover event?
If Sean Hayes has anything to say about it, a Will & Grace and Friends crossover could be in our futures. Hayes, who plays Jack McFarland on Will & Grace, appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday. The actor revealed that if a Friends crossover were to happen, he'd love to see Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) appear on Will & Grace.
"You know, I just brought up the idea of —because the character of Jack, you know, is a struggling actor. Always wanted to be, and now he finds himself teaching acting in this new reboot and he trademarked an acting technique called Jackting," Hayes told Andy Cohen. "And I said Joey should come on, Matt LeBlanc as Joey should come on, and Jack and Joey should be in a class together. That would be really fun."
As E! News pointed out, the crossover wouldn't be totally unheard of for the network. Characters from Friends and Mad About You appeared on each other's shows, so why couldn't Joey Tribbiani exist in the Will & Grace universe?
Will & Grace returns to NBC tonight, and the cast has promised that the characters are the same ones fans knew and loved in the show's original run.
"It's 2017, and these characters are different, but we haven't matured emotionally," Debra Messing told Entertainment Weekly. "Let's just say that all the flaws that made these characters likable and funny, we still are just as flawed."
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