Chrissy Teigen Asked Parents To Share The Mean Things Their Kids Say, & Twitter Delivered

There are a lot of things that you can teach your child, but you can't always control what they'll say, despite your best efforts. After all, kids often say and do the darndest things, whether you're at home or in public. And no parent is immune — not even, we imagine, Chrissy Teigen.
On Friday, Teigen tweeted that she was having a rough day, and what would really make her feel better was if "any moms would like to share stories of their kids being mean to them."
The jury's out on whether or not Teigen was having a rough day because she was on the receiving end of her own daughter's wrath, but boy, did Twitter deliver on this front.
As you can see, Teigen summoned some thousands of stories of mean kids, from kids commenting on their parents' appearances to kids just savagely mocking their parents.
There was the boy who somehow managed to throw shade at his mom's makeup-applying skills and her looks:
The child who shut down their mom's cooking:
The kid who deprived their parent of a bite of food:
There was even the child who (kind of) wished death or, at least, extreme pain upon his parent after a long-haul flight:
And the 13-month-old who is clearly already showing favoritism:
The toddler who "canceled" their mother:
And the son who refuses kisses from his mother —to which Teigen can relate, though she apparently gets the same treatment, but with an added extra:
Anyone who has been around children long enough knows that for the most part, they don't have much of a filter — kids will be kids.
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