Does Kylie Jenner Have A Frozen Yogurt Machine In Her Pantry?

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Right now, many diehard fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are busy trying to figure out if Kylie Jenner is pregnant. However, those of us who are often preoccupied with what and where the reality TV stars eat have another buring question. Does Kylie Jenner have a frozen yogurt machine inside her pantry?
Our questions about what seems to be Kylie’s newest appliance began last week when the makeup mogul posted a video to Snapchat that showed her best friend, Jordyn Woods, pushing the lever down on a large stainless steel machine. As she pushed it, vanilla frozen yogurt — or perhaps soft serve? — swirled into her bowl and Woods smiled at the camera. Shelves filled with jars of ingredients and baskets of snacks are surrounding the machine in this video, which immediately made us wonder if Kylie set up a frozen yogurt machine in her pantry. Talk about luxury indulgence for a craving.

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Like with the pregnancy rumors, Kylie has yet to confirm if this Snapchat video was recorded inside her pantry. However, thanks to a few Snaps the celeb posted last summer when she was still getting settled into her massive Hidden Hills mansion, we know that she loves a well-stocked pantry, so it wouldn't be all the surprising to find out she had installed this treat dispensing device in her home.
A day after sharing this video of her bestie, Jenner posted a video of herself snacking on frozen yogurt, so it seems like she's currently got quite the sweet tooth for fro-yo. Before you chock it up to pregnancy cravings, though, Kylie's love for the dessert has been well documented in the past. She and sister Kendall filmed an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians at the Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Los Angeles back in 2015. Still, it does seem pretty next level to have a machine inside your home so you can eat it anytime you want. This appliance may have earned Kylie the top spot for most amazing celebrity pantry, which when you consider what her sisters' pantries look like, is quite a feat.
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