People Are Going Batty Over This Goth Halloween Sundae At Disneyland

Celebrating holidays at Disneyland is always a fun way to spend the day, and Halloween is no exception. Everyone at Disneyland is getting into the spirit with park-wide festivities: there's already a park-wide costume party, new holiday-themed merchandise, and even rides decorated in holiday-appropriate colors and garb to get everyone in the park into the spirit.
But how does food play into the festivities?
As PopSugar writes, the new "bat wing" ice cream sundae is quickly gaining popularity on social media. As part of the park's seasonal food menu, the "Bat Wing Raspberry Sundae" is available for purchase Clarabelle's Hand-Scooped Ice Cream in California Adventure, for just over $7. That's a steal considering what you get included in that.
The delicious treat is filled with the sweetest treats decorated in an extra spooky way. The sundae includes white chocolate-raspberry swirl ice cream covered with raspberry splatter, blood-red sprinkles, whipped cream, then topped off with two bat wing shaped cookies.
Of course, a treat this delicious is too good (and photogenic) to stay off of social media for long. People have been taking to Instagram to showcase the beautiful dessert, and the photos speak for themselves: this treat really is something to behold.

Loving the #spooky #halloweentime treats at @disneyland California Adventure

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There's no doubt that as we get closer to Halloween, we'll begin to see even more pictures of the "Bat Wing Raspberry Sundae" pop up on social media. If you can, get your hands on your own on your next trip to Disneyland — at least, before Halloween is over. But if you can't, there's always these pictures on your feed to enjoy.
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