6 Women Turned Up To A Wedding In The Same Dress

Picking an outfit to wear to a wedding is quite a feat. So imagine the horror of arriving at a wedding and realizing that not one but five(!) other guests are wearing the same outfit as you. This weekend, that really happened at a ceremony in Australia, and the photographic evidence is quite something.
Six women, none of whom were bridesmaids, showed up in the same navy lace pencil dress by Australian brand Forever New, reported news.com.au. Thankfully they all took it in stride and had a good laugh about it. Sometimes, it's the only way.
Writing on Forever New's Facebook page, one of the women, Debbie Speranza, jokingly suggested she deserved compensation from the brand. “You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can enquire whether anyone else has purchased one of your dresses for the same event," she said, adding three "crying with laughter" emoji.
“No we are NOT the bridesmaids just the guests — think I deserve a gift voucher for all this advertisement,” she teased. Her post has been liked more than 43K times and garnered over 10K comments at the time of writing.
While some labeled the photo "awkward" and said it would be their "WORST nightmare," most people seemed to find the situation similarly hilarious. One commenter, named Angela Fae, had a particularly rational response.
"Maybe they all walked into different Forever News and asked the staff to show them their best wedding guest dresses and all the staff just happened to pick out this one for them," she proposed.
"Honestly, it's never bothered me, you'll see most men dressed the same, why is it an issue if women are? I don't see one unless you are all single and there to attract a suitor with your outfit alone lol." If this ever happens to us, we'll be embracing the awkwardness, too.

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