This Michael Jackson Lookalike Is Totally Who "Man In The Mirror" Is About

I am not a conspiracy theorist. Much like Dana Scully, I am open to believing, but my pragmatism often gets the better of me. However, Twitter user Lourdes challenged my entire worldview when she tweeted out a photo of her alleged boyfriend, who, get this, looks like he could be a Michael Jackson clone.
The tweet seemed to rock thousands of others, too, because within two days of posting the picture, Lourdes had received over 1,800 retweets and 2,300 replies. Take a look at the post, captioned, "Y'all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me," below:
Holy cannoli, right? Twitter users everywhere couldn't believe their eyes and tweeted out what had to be some of the best content produced in 2017 thus far. Here are some of the best.
And, perhaps the best one of all:
I know I said I wasn't a conspiracy theorist, but I went into full-on tinfoil hat mode after seeing this tweet. Did MJ have a son no one knew about? Is there some secret location where celebrities like the King of Pop and The King (Elvis Presley) have been hiding out, and they just got access to cell phones and cars?
Hungry for answers, I started searching. First off, Lourdes has a YouTube channel where she talks about catfishing, which made me wonder if she had found an old pic of MJ and was pranking everyone.
Then, I realized that was too simple of an explanation. Another dive led me to the Facebook page of Sergio Cortés, a professional Michael Jackson impersonator, who posted a photo wearing the same hat, necklace, and shirt on Sunday and made his profile picture on Monday. Now, I'm not a detective, so I thought, "Maybe he sent Lourdes the picture on his way to work today!"
Wrong! A quick scroll through his uploads yielded the exact photo she tweeted posted on August 25. Once again, my pragmatism got the best of me, uncovering what was a well-executed hoax put into action by someone who can only be described as a smooth criminal.
Though the world was lied to today, it was also filled with a temporary joy. Together, we laughed at MJ references. Blame it on the boogie, but today Lourdes helped heal the world.

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