Oreo Hot Cocoa Exists — & Now It's Okay That Winter's Coming

Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix exists — and we've suddenly come to terms with summer's end. If anything can keep us cozy as winter approaches, it's sipping on a mug of warm and cookie-flavored liquid chocolate. The Impulsive Buy discovered this new Oreo product on an unidentified Walmart store shelf this past Monday. The news left us with only the limited information that these special boxes of cookie cocoa mix will be, "coming out later this year," and also that a man named "Robbie" did the in-store spotting. We have so many unanswered questions: Where is this Walmart? When will it come? What will it taste like?! And who is Robbie?
According to a post by Delish, this Oreo-flavored beverage is not an altogether new creation. "Last fall, Dunkin' Donuts served Oreo-flavored hot chocolate in stores for a limited time, and the year before, 7-Eleven had Oreo hot cocoa." Although it might not be a cutting-edge concept to some, it does happen to be the first time the sippable treat is being pre-packaged and sold in grocery stores across the country. A rep from Oreo confirmed today to Refinery29 that the product will be "hitting store shelves this week at Walmart locations nationwide in addition to a few other retailers."
As we await its arrival in sweet anticipation, we can't help but pre-plan its future life within our winter pantries; shelf-stable, Oreo hot chocolate mix has major potential to take our cold weather hibernation snack tactics to the next level. We will sip it solo, we will use it for double Oreo cookie-dunking, and we love the idea of spiking it with some creamy liqueur. Not to mention, we've been ready for a new seasonal beverage trend to hit the scene! Red wine and hot chocolate are so 2016, and we've certainly had enough pumpkin-spiced sips to go around. Let's start a movement to make cookie brand-flavored hot cocoa mixes the next big thing.
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