Giorgia Whigham On Her Role In Pinky, Bullying & Mean Girls

Breakout star (and 2017 Z-list member) Giorgia Whigham made a splash in 13 Reasons Why, but her queen bee role in Shatterbox Anthology's Pinky is what has us talking right now. As Nadia, Whigham tosses around her long pink hair and leads a pack of girls through dance routines and boy drama.
The short film culminates in a tumultuous, controversial scene involving a tampon (watch it in full here), and pinpoints exactly how peer pressure and bullying affect preteen girls. Below, Whigham talks about her first time reading the Pinky script, her own personal version of Nadia, and what advice she has for girls dealing with peer pressure.
What was your first reaction upon reading the Shatterbox Anthology Pinky script? Giorgia Whigham: "I was amazed at how simply and beautifully a subject that is somewhat taboo in today's society was put into a story. I loved that it was unique and bold, and from the moment I read it I knew I wanted to be a part of this piece. Young girls need to know that going through these natural transitions in life is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of."
Have you ever met someone IRL like your character? What were they like?
"It brings me back to the misunderstood awkward middle school phase where everyone was trying to figure out who they were going to become, and there was always that one girl who was ahead of the game. Growing up I was shy, and one of my close friends who was beautiful and flirty led me to question and doubt myself and who I was, because I secretly felt that I was holding myself to her standards instead of my own."
What's your advice for girls who are feeling peer pressured?
"It always comes down to whatever you want to do, and their reactions to your decision is a demonstration of their character, showing what kind of friends/people they are. Standing up for yourself can absolutely be scary in the moment but is ultimately empowering and life-changing.
There have been a lot of films focused on the traumas and pressures of being a preteen girl. What was your own experience like?
"This film brought back memories and feelings that I had forgotten. Especially what it feels like to be ostracized or called out in a group of friends; it's terrifying. But it was extremely refreshing, and in a way comforting, to be a part of a coming-of-age project that's so one of a kind, yet relatable to any young girl going through that strange time in their life because it's finally being addressed."

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