Eva Longoria Reveals The Burger Secrets She Learned While Working At Wendy's

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Today is National Cheeseburger Day, but before you light up the grill, there's one thing you should know about constructing the perfect cheeseburger, and it comes from a surprising source. Eva Longoria appeared as a guest on The Rachael Ray Show this morning and, while there, revealed that she used to work as a burger flipper at Wendy’s. Longoria told the talk show’s host that during her time at Wendy's, she learned there’s actually a science behind the fast food restaurant’s burger stacking technique — one that she still uses today when cooking at home. Lucky for anyone looking to honor the mighty cheeseburger the right way today, she shared her knowledge.
Apparently, it not only matters where you place the cheese but also the order in which you spread the condiments. According to Longoria the patty, complete with whichever kind of melted cheese you like, should be placed on the bottom burger bun. Mayonnaise goes on the top bun first, Longoria says, because it "seals the bun." That same side of the bun should then receive a smear of ketchup on top of the mayo next. Mustard is last, but it doesn't go on the bun. In an unexpected move, Longoria spreads the mustard on the actual patty. Why? Apparently, mustard brings out the flavor of meat.
The good news is now you know how to spread condiments in the right order. But Eva Longoria and Rachael Ray stopped short of sharing anything about cooking the actual patties. Don't worry, there are plenty of burger hacks out there to choose from. For instance, at the beginning of the summer, Gordon Ramsay revealed that he bastes his burger patties with Devonshire butter while they’re on the grill, which elevates the classic dish. Armed with these secrets, you're ready to go forth and correctly celebrate this sacred food holiday. Or, you can save the celebrating for the weekend and just hit up a Wendy's drive-though on your way home from work.
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