This Is Gordon Ramsay's #1 Summer Cooking Trick

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Though Gordon Ramsay is harsh to the people who cook for him, he has used his own cooking as a way to win over some very famous friends. In a recent video he created for Good Morning America, Chef Ramsay revealed that his home in Los Angeles is next door to Stevie Wonder’s house and three doors down from Kim and Kanye’s. He also said that because of his grilling skills, the celebrity neighbors come around to his house quite a bit during the summer. If the reward for having professional grilling abilities is getting to hang out with some of the most famous people on earth, we definitely want in. Luckily, in that same video, Ramsay shared some of his secrets so maybe one day we'll get there.
Ramsay's grilling tutorial all takes place in his gorgeous backyard at his grill by the pool. In 10 minutes, he manages to provide dozens of burger grilling tips that usually only come with years of experience. He explains every single step from what type of beef to use in our patties all the way to how best to assemble the cooked burgers with all the fixings on the bun. Gordon is so detailed with his instructions that he even tells us specifically where on the grill to place our burgers, which is something we’ve never even thought about.
Before throwing the burgers on the grill, Chef Ramsay drizzles both sides lightly with some grape seed oil to ensure they don’t stick to the grill. That’s not the only surprising move the celeb chef makes when cooking his famous burgers. He actually bastes the patties with Devonshire butter while they’re on the grill, and when we heard that, we couldn’t help but wonder why everybody doesn’t do this. He explains that the butter caramelizes a bit as the burger cooks and elevates the dish, and we totally believe him because obviously butter makes everything better.
With all the insider information from Gordon's video, we too might be able to make juicy burgers that will have our neighbors knocking down our doors for a bite. Although, we'll probably be less inclined to share since our neighbors aren't famous. Let's be honest, a perfectly grilled buttered burger isn't something you hand out to just anybody.

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