You Have To See This Ikea Sofa's Millennial-Pink Makeover

There's no shortage of clever Ikea hacks out there — even a whole website dedicated to them — but we've never seen one quite so au courant. Blogger Krys of Melodrama decked out a Karlstad Sofa from the Swedish furniture giant (cost: $399 full-price, but she found it for $250 on clearance) with a dyed slipcover, buttons, and new gold-accented legs (cost: $50 total), for a dreamy millennial-pink effect (cost: priceless).
Photo: @melodrama.
First, Krys dyed the slip cover. Then, she changed the original legs to midcentury-style ones that she got at Lowe's for $2 and spray-painted gold and white. Finally, she made and attached tufting buttons. She says the whole makeover only took her a few hours. (For more on her process, see her blog.)
"I'd been dreaming of a vintage, pink couch for the longest time, but couldn't find one and all of the new ones weren't my style or in my budget," she told Apartment Therapy. "I took matters into my own hands with a bathtub full of dye and new sofa legs." Speaking of budget, Ikea does carry a couch that's already light pink, but at $549, DIYing a cheaper one sounds like a better idea.
She adds, "I love everything about the after. I love the color, the tufting, the gold and white legs. It's my dream couch!"
This DIY has us inspired: If you can make a simple, affordable couch look this catalog-worthy — and this Instagram-worthy — what else could you make with a dye job and some fancy buttons? The weekend can't come soon enough, because we'll be finding out next chance we get...

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