If You Like Pumpkin Spice, Martha Stewart Thinks You're Basic

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In recent years, it seems like the minute you step outside on the first morning of September, the air is already thick with the scent of pumpkin spice. (Heck, in some parts of the country, it starts even earlier.) Even if you don’t like it, the flavor is absolutely unavoidable. It has grown from just being a special seasonal way to order you latte at Starbucks to now being available in butter form. Recently, pumpkin spice has even been dragged into the cough drop game. At this point, it feels like we’re so far gone down the pumpkin spice road that we’re going to need a real food hero to pull us out.
Luckily, it looks like Martha Stewart is up to the task. On Thursday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the entertaining guru expressed her true feelings about pumpkin spice.
As is customary, Cohen spent one of the segments of last night’s episode asking his two guests, Martha Stewart and Seth MacFarlane, questions submitted by viewers. It was during this part of the evening that Martha explained what she really thinks of the extremely popular fall flavoring. The host read from a card, "Martha, pumpkin spice everything: delicious or for basic bitches only?" Always one to keep things classy, Martha responded matter-of-factly, "The latter."
If indulging in the flavor every once in awhile when the weather starts to cool down makes us basic, we're okay with that. So is Seth MacFarlane, apparently. And while Stewart may not personally be on board the pumpkin spice train, when we did a quick search for the term “pumpkin spice” on her website, it yielded 347 results. 149 of those results are recipes, including one for pumpkin spice butter. Yes, really.
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