We Each Wore Something We'd "Never" Wear To Fashion Week

Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Even the most stylish people have that little mental list of trends or items they refuse to wear. Whether it's a made-up idea in our own heads that whatever the piece is will look ridiculous, or it's a style that just doesn't resonate with our usual vibe, ask anyone and they're sure to immediately tell you, "Oh, I'd never wear that thing!" Even our own global editor-in-chief and cofounder Christene Barberich has a personal vendetta against shorts.
While we're fully allowed, even as fashion editors, to decide what we choose what we do and don't wear (even if that means avoiding certain things at all costs), we also know that you can't knock something until you try it. And, what better time to step out of our comfort zones than the time of the year that personal style is on extra display? This Fashion Week, we put ourselves to the challenge of finding something we'd (air-quotes) "never, ever" wear — and do the opposite.
With street style photographers aplenty, there was no hiding and no changing — just us, in a piece of clothing we thought we'd never be caught dead in. Here's how we felt about it.