So Is This Stress Ball Supposed To Look Like A Penis, Or What?

Stress balls have taken many very interesting forms in the past, but none are (arguably) as interesting as the incredibly phallic stress relief toys being sold on Amazon in a combo pack with stress balls shaped like bunnies and pandas.
Thanks to an inquiry from her editor to "look into whatever the hell this is," Cosmopolitan writer Tess Koman launched a very important investigation into the toys that maybe created more questions than it did answers. But it did answer the most important question, which is that yes, they really are supposed to look like a penis.
It's understandable to be confused at first (we sure were), since the pack of 6 stress relief toys sold by Datingday on Amazon includes: Panda, 2 cats, pig, rabbit, and .... a dick? After all, why would any company purposefully include a penis-shaped stress ball among cute little animal-shaped stress balls? One of these things is not like the other.
But once you get over the jarring nature of a penis lumped in with pandas, the toys are actually kind of hysterical — and they apparently make great gifts.
Some people even find it kind of adorable.
At the very least, Twitter's reaction to the toys answers one of the several questions Koman asked during her investigation. "Why does it have eyes?" The answer, apparently, is because putting a little face on anything makes it instantly adorable.
And in case you're looking to buy a cute penis stress ball of your very own, we have some good news. You don't actually have to buy this weird combo pack and then throw out all of the tiny creatures (obviously, it's just the penis you're after). The dick comes in a package all by itself, for just $2.49.
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