Milo Ventimiglia Almost Didn't Get Cast In This Is Us Because He Was Too Handsome

Photo: Courtesy of Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
Is there really a such thing as too hot for TV? Milo Ventimiglia almost missed out on being cast to play Jack Pearson on This Is Us, because show creator Dan Fogelman wanted a "doughier" actor for the part, according to the Hollywood Reporter's cover story on the show's genesis. Fogelman was apparently looking for someone who was more of a reflection of himself and his friends. And Milo Ventimiglia is has a much different body type than say, Kate Pearson's (Chrissy Metz) boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan).
The show's casting department encouraged Fogelman consider to Ventimiglia, who was hot off the success of the Gilmore Girls reboot series on Netflix. Milo was given the part after an audition reading, and the rest is history.
Ventimiglia reportedly takes his job at the top of the masthead super seriously. THR describes how he shows up to set on days when he doesn't have to film, just to check in with the cast and crew. He's also a total set dad: Ventimiglia brought trucker hats with the logo for Jack's Big Three Homes for everyone when they returned to the set from hiatus.
The trucker hats may have an even deeper significance: it may be a huge clue into season 2. In season 1, Jack voiced a desire to own his own home construction company. Do the hats signify that he made his dream come true? It's obvious that he dies an untimely death, but maybe he lives long enough to put his entrepreneurship into motion.
We know that we won't have to wait long to learn about how Jack Pearson dies: Mandy Moore let it slip that the cause of his death will be explained in the season 2 premiere. This Is Us returns on NBC on September 26th, so catch up on the series on Hulu while you still have time.
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