Listen To This Hilarious Story About Using A Tampon For The First Time

So listen, anyone who has experienced the confusion and (often) anguish of a period probably has at least one awkward or embarrassing period story. It just happens. You bleed through your pants and leave a stain on the chair at school or pull your wallet out of your bag, and out pops a tampon. But periods have gotten arguably more complicated in the technology age, and fun new things like Bluetooth are creating even more problems for Gen Z.
Take Baby Ariel for example. The 16-year-old social media star (who rose to fame on took to Twitter on Monday to share a funny story about the first time she tried to use a tampon.
While on tour with other social media stars, Baby Ariel went to the bathroom and looked up a video tutorial on how to insert a tampon — which, who hasn't? They're tricky. But she didn't realize that her phone was hooked up to the Bluetooth and everyone on tour with her was also listening to the video.
YouTube star Weston Koury, who was on tour with Baby Ariel, then posted a video he took while she was in the bathroom listening to the tutorial.
To which Baby Ariel understandably wrote, "AAAAH OH MY GOSH."
While it's not every day that we broadcast the fact that we're on our period to everyone in the next room, embarrassing period moments don't discriminate. Pretty much everyone has had one, or will in the future. Luckily, Baby Ariel is pretty open about her life (periods included) with her followers, so we're pretty sure she was able to laugh this moment off and move on with her day.
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