Jennifer Lawrence Tried To Explain Her New Movie, But We're Still Confused

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
Jennifer Lawrence wants you to know that her new movie is a feminist one.
Speaking to Variety about Mother!, which hits theaters this Friday, Lawrence explained how the film takes aim at gender stereotypes.
"To me, this is incredibly feminist in the way that these Victorian, patriarchal novels show these loving, amazing husbands that are very slowly and delicately taking away their wives' dignity," Lawrence told Variety's Ramin Setoodeh. "It's not anti-feminist to express something, or to show something. To be a feminist movie, we don't have to all be women and all be aggressive. Before we knew what feminism was, people were writing these novels that were showing women's strength being drained away from them."
One of the novels Lawrence mentioned might be Jane Eyre — Setoodeh reports that she was reading it while filming Mother!.
The actress also revealed that she might not want to work with her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky, who wrote and directed the film, again.
"I had trouble calming down and coming back after he called 'cut,'" Lawrence told Variety. "I've always been fine snapping out of it, but I've never had to go this dark before. I kind of lost control of myself. I tore my diaphragm and popped my chest rib out... I don't know if I'd ever work with Darren again."
So far, much of the movie, which stars Javier Bardem alongside Lawrence, has been shrouded in mystery. Refinery29 hasn't seen the movie yet, so we can't say whether or not it's a feminist work — but we can say we're definitely intrigued.
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