Patty Jenkins Announced As Director Of Wonder Woman 2

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images.
In June, Wonder Woman graced the big screen and finally fulfilled our wildest dreams about seeing a summer blockbuster that revolves around a female superhero, for a change. Though we left the theater wiping away tears and feeling satisfied with Gal Gadot's performance as DC Comic’s most iconic female character, it was very clear that the 2-hour, 21-minute film only barely scratched the surface of Wonder Woman’s journey. Like with nearly every other comic book movie, we sensed a franchise in the works, and we couldn’t wait to see what Diana would go on to face after establishing her identity as a hero.
Just four days after the movie was released, we found out that our suspicions were correct, as it was confirmed that there would indeed be a sequel, and today, a vital detail about Wonder Woman 2's production was revealed. As Variety first reported, Patty Jenkins, who directed the first film, will also be directing the sequel.
Jenkins has been in negotiation over a deal for Wonder Woman 2 for several months now, and today, it was confirmed that the deal has finally closed. According to Variety, an exact number has not be released, but sources have suggested that Jenkins will receive something in the $8 million range, as well as "a substantial backend of box office grosses" for writing, directing, and producing the new film. If those sources are correct, Patty Jenkins will become the highest paid female director of all time. While that is certainly an impressive accomplishment, we know all too well that Jenkins won't consider her work done until she's simply known as a director.

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