You Need To See The Custom That 70s Show Outfit Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Got For Their Son

Not even 1 year old and Dimitri Kutcher is getting nostalgic. Specifically, the son of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who the That 70s Show stars welcomed in November of 2016, is honoring his parents with perhaps the most adorable outfit possible: a shirt featuring the That 70s Show characters Jackie and Kelso alongside the words "Hello Wisconsin" from the show's unforgettable theme song.
"Yes,this Is my son's outfit today," Kutcher captioned the picture he uploaded to his Instagram, alongside the hashtags "#that70sshow" and, of course, "#kelsoandjackieforever." But, more importantly, where can we get one of these shirts for ourselves?

Yes,this Is my son's outfit today. #that70sshow #kelsoandjackieforever

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It's good to see the couple sticking to their roots, even though Kunis explained to People that having a second baby totally changed everything.
"It’s different, there’s two," she told the outlet. "He’s also 3 months old and you forget what sleepless nights are like. I remember guys, talk to me."
She also told E! News that being a mother has affected her social life.
"My girlfriends and I went out to dinner a month ago and I got home at 10:30 from a dinner and I had three penicillins, which is a delicious, delicious beverage. [I was] hammered. Three drinks. I am now a very cheap date," she joked. However, this isn't a typical night for the star.
"In the morning we still have kids," she added. "Your date night can't be that wild because at seven in the morning you still have, ‘Mama' and you're like, ‘What? I'm up.'"
Luckily, it seems like the former co-stars are now having a totally different kind of fun.

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