Hillary Clinton To Appear On The Late Show Just In Time For Her Book Drop

Hillary Clinton's new book, What Happened, hasn't even hit shelves yet, and it's already sending people all across the nation into a frenzy. Though some have praised the former presidential candidate for calling President Donald Trump a "creep," others have taken issue with a now-viral excerpt from her memoir in which she compares Bernie Sanders' agenda to one filled with promises of ponies and magic abs.
Clinton will have a chance to respond to the praise and criticism, both fervent, when she makes her second-ever appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Sept. 19. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, this will mark Clinton's first late-night appearance since the 2016 presidential election and is one of a few press stops she'll be making, along with The View and CBS Sunday Morning, to promote her book.
Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, the announcement of Clinton's appearance came on the same night former candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders sat down with Colbert at the Ed Sullivan Theater. In a teaser clip for Thursday night's show, the late-night host asked Sanders if there was anything he'd like to relay to his one-time opponent, and his answer was actually quite tasteful.
"I think the response is we have got to think going forward, and I would like her to join us in the fight for 15 and a Medicare for all, single-payer system, in taking on the fossil fuel industry so that we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and move to energy efficiency and sustainable energy," Sanders responded.
He concluded his response with a plea for her to "not keep arguing about 2016."
"Let's get together, take on Trump’s desire to divide us up," he said. "Let's go forward with the progressive agenda. Ask her if she'll do that.”
You can watch the clip below:

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