Are We Even Surprised That Drake Has A Massive Portrait Of Beyoncé Blessing His Studio?

If I were the kind of person who was put together enough to have a vision board in my workplace, I'd fill it with pictures of people who inspire me. Turns out, Drake has done just that in what appears to be his recording studio. Thanks to a picture the 30-year-old posted on Instagram late Tuesday night, the world knows just how big of an influence Beyoncé is on his work, because he's got a photo of her hanging on his wall.
The post, which the artist captioned "4 MILLI COMING SOON," is a snap of the whole room, but eagle-eyed fans spotted the full-blown portrait of the "Formation" singer on the left side of the frame, and we like to think Drake says good morning and goodnight to it every single day.

4 MILLI COMING SOON @bakanotnice ?

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Personally I don't know how Drake thought he could just casually post this photo, since nothing gets past Beyoncé fans. They immediately took to Twitter to spread the good news.
"Drake has a 6 foot Beyoncé portrait in his recording studio," one wrote after finding the exact picture that Drake had displayed.
"Drake has a painting of Beyoncé in his condo/studio, my man better stan," another wrote.
"Can we all give a big Applause. To this young man for his phenomenal taste. In #STANS."
"Lmao Drake is so extra... That is my favorite Beyoncé photo of all time"
We're even more excited for new music now that we know queen Bey has been watching over it — is it too much to hope this symbolic collaboration could turn into an IRL one as well? Does Beyoncé have a picture of Drake in her studio? We need more deets on this duo ASAP.

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