Move Over PSL, Starbucks Japan Has 3 New Exciting Fall Drinks

We really thought that today of all days, any Starbucks news would focus on the one and only Pumpkin Spice Latte. It seems only right since the PSL finally returned after weeks of anticipation. It turns out, however, Starbucks Japan kind of stole the PSL’s thunder with the introduction of three new drinks, one of which looks like it could actually give the PSL a run for its money as the go-to beginning-of-fall beverage. Rocket News 24 reports that on September 1, Starbucks Japan began selling the new Hojicha Cream Frappuccino, the Grapy Grape and Tea Jelly Frappuccino, and the Grapy Grape and Tea.
Although the Hojicha Cream Frappucino is a cold beverage, because of the way hojicha is prepared, it's is the ideal drink to be sipping on as fall moves in. If you're sitting there wondering what the hojicha even is, don't worry. According to Rocket News 24, hojicha is a type of green tea that is prepared by roasting the leaves before brewing. The resulting flavor is warm and toasted. See? Perfect for fall. To make the Hojicha Cream Frappuccino, Starbucks blends the roasted green tea with cream and ice and tops that resulting base with a dollop of whipped cream, a drizzle caramel, and sprinkle of sugar.
The other new drinks are a bit less fall-focused since fruit is their key ingredient. However, when the PSL sees how Instagrammable any one of these drinks is, it's sure to be just as jealous. The Grapy Grape and Tea Jelly Frappuccino starts with a base made by blending peach and strawberry juice. Next, black tea jelly and grape and cranberry pieces are added. It's, of course, finished off with whipped cream.

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Last but not least, at the beginning of September, Starbucks Japan also introduced the Grapy Grape and Tea, which is similar expect that it doesn't have jelly or whipped cream, and it can be ordered cold or hot. These drinks will surely help savor the last days of summer or maybe they will inspire thoughts of Thanksgiving cranberry sauce. Either way, we wish we could try them. Sorry, PSL. We'll still love you.
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