North Korea's "Pink Lady" Makes Nuclear Detonation Sound Cheerful

Photo: KIM WON-JIN/AFP/Getty Images.
As tension with the U.S. continues to increase, one woman has been delivering the news of North Korea's weapon advancement to the country for decades. Ri Chun Hee, a famous North Korean news anchor, is known for her proud, cheery updates on the country's nuclear tests.
Referred to as the "pink lady" for frequently dressing in bright pink traditional Korean garb, the 74-year-old is technically retired, but still makes appearances on state television when there are major developments. And this Sunday, she reemerged to inform North Koreans that a sixth nuclear detonation had gone smoothly.
"The test of a hydrogen bomb designed to be mounted on our intercontinental ballistic missile was a perfect success," Ri said. "It was a very meaningful step in completing the national nuclear weapons program."
Watching her speak (even without knowing Korean), it's clear she's proud of North Korea's nuclear arsenal. Often appearing in front of a backdrop of a beautiful lake, she smiles as her commanding voice relays the country's bomb-related news.
And one reason she's so beloved is she has the perfect voice for talking up North Korea's weapons and inciting fear in its enemies. "Her voice is even more powerful than cannons!" Chinese television show Tiexue said of Ri.
Her strong demeanor only changed when telling the country of Kim Il Sung's death in 1994, and then of Kim Jong Il's death in 2011. The news anchor famous for talking about nuclear detonation as if North Korea had just landed on the moon cried on TV as she broke the news about the two leaders' deaths.
Not a whole lot is known about Ri's background, as she's from North Korea, except that she was reportedly born to a poor family in 1943 and later studied performance art at Pyongyang University of Theatre and Film. She joined state broadcaster KCTV in 1971.

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