These New Oreo Eggs Will Make You Want To Go Trick-Or-Treating

In the grand tradition of releasing seasonal items long before appropriate, Oreo has unleashed a few Halloween options already. Instagram account @thejunkfoodaisle spotted some very trick-or-treat-ready releases from the sandwich cookie brand, only these spooky treats aren't traditional Oreos.
PopSugar reports that the limited-edition confections are on sale right now, with Walgreens and Dollar General being the first spots to get the seasonal sweets. Don't expect an egg-shaped cookie, however. Instead, Oreo is taking inspo from Cadbury's Easter standby with this particular holiday offering. Inside the colorful plastic eggs — three Halloween options in total — ravenous chocolate lovers will find a chocolate egg-filled with creme filling and cookie bits. That's where you'll find the Oreo flavor, though it's not something even the most die-hard cookie connoisseurs can twist open.

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While there's really no explanation for the egg shape's connection to Halloween (maybe a pumpkin was too technologically advanced?), there's no doubt that there'll be a sort of seasonal feeding frenzy surrounding this particular release. There's certainly a precedent for Oreo fever.
Earlier this year, the internet was basically obsessed with Oreo Cadbury eggs, which were only available for sale in Canada and the U.K. The U.S. did get the same type of candy, but it came with Oreo branding. Those eggs (which are available no matter the time of year) are identical to these seasonal Halloween eggs, but don't tell that to anyone who's obsessed with the best holiday on the calendar.

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Like their non-seasonal counterparts, the Halloween Oreo eggs retail for about $1. Hopefully, some very generous houses will be stocking up on these and handing them out to trick-or-treaters. After all, these eggs are certainly better than the other (more prank-ready) kind associated with Halloween.
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