Ginger Spice's Daughter Just Schooled Her In Cupcake Making

It remains to be seen whether Geri Halliwell's (AKA Ginger Spice) daughter Bluebell will follow in her footsteps as a singer, but if she doesn't, she'd make an excellent baker.
The mom and daughter recently appeared in a baking segment on the British talk show This Morning, and Bluebell totally killed it, The Cut reports.
Halliwell and her 11-year-old were making cupcakes with host Rylan Clark when Bluebell corrected Clark's frosting method. Before putting the buttercream in the bag, she explained, you can paint the inside of the bag with food coloring. Then, when you squirt it out, the white has a pretty pink swirl in it.
She also corrected her mom after she frosted a cupcake. "Mommy, you piped that on the wrong one. That’s a custard cream one...oh no," she said. Then, she explained that "you can use different types of nozzles for different effects when you're piping." Yet despite her vast knowledge of cupcake-baking, she stayed humble, declaring that her own "looks like poo."
Clark concluded that "Bluebell is showing everyone up that’s ever been in this kitchen," and we can't disagree.
In fact, all of Twitter seems to agree.
While the bakers may have made a few mistakes before Bluebell stepped in, the cupcakes came out looking delicious, with cookies lodged in the frosting.
Halliwell and Bluebell bake these "biscuit tin cupcakes" at home, according to ITV's site. And they don't sound too complicated. The cupcakes are made of butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, milk, and flour — so, the usual — and the buttercream requires butter, vanilla extract, and icing sugar. The cookies on top are Jammie Dodgers, Oreos, and Custard Creams.
Even if you get all those ingredients and follow the instructions perfectly, though, we have a feeling yours just won't come out as good as Bluebell's.

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