Afropunk Just Gave Us All The Rainbow Hair Inspiration We Need

Photographed by Courtney Yates.
At Afropunk, there's no such thing as "too much" — especially when it comes to color. People plan their elaborate styles months ahead of the two-day festival held in Brooklyn. But unlike at other festivals, hair is the focal point here — the awesome clothes are just an added bonus.
With so many styles in one setting (seriously, the 'fros, wigs, and weaves are a sight to behold), you'd think it'd be hard to whittle down a few trends. And... you're right. Because honestly, Black hair is bigger than a "trend." It's our tie to our heritage. It's our expression. It's our art. Still, we couldn't help but marvel at — and photograph — the colorful box braids, twists, and cornrows that we spotted. Ahead, the styles that we know and love, dipped in every hue of the rainbow.