How Much We Really Saved Shopping At The New Lower-Priced Whole Foods

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Last week, Amazon and Whole Foods released a joint statement about their merger that included information on what shoppers at both retailers can expect from the companies in the future. Some things, like a rewards system for Prime members, didn't have a timeline attached. But one thing did — lower prices on many popular Whole Foods items, starting today.
The list includes many grocery staples, like milk, eggs, and butter, as well as bananas, apples, and avocados, and means permanent prices cuts of nearly 50% on certain buys. While more price cuts are coming in the future, we were curious what the first round of changes would mean for a weekly grocery trip. To find out, I went to my local Whole Foods and did a fairly typical shop for about a week's of food/cooking. Then, I tallied my overall savings.
Ahead, how much I spent, how much I saved, and a few things I noticed about the updated prices.

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