Reese's Has A New Halloween Shape — & It's Spooky

If there's one autumn occasion that can get us riled up as early as August, it's the date that celebrates costumes and sweet treats: October 31st. Now's the time when candy companies start releasing all the limited edition Halloween lineups that we are majorly here for — and Reese's just dropped a new spooky one: Reese's Peanut Butter Bats. Even though summer isn't over yet (i.e., we still have four weeks left until the official first day of fall on September 22nd), as soon as the seasons switch our countdowns for all the upcoming festive food holidays will be on — okay, it may have actually already started. Because we may not be ready for apple picking or Pumpkin Spice Lattes before Labor Day, but bat-shaped Halloween candy? Come. At. Us.
We're already familiar with the Reese's "Pumpkin" (a.k.a. blob) Cups of Halloweens' past, and even Twix's take on a "Ghost," but the chocolate peanut butter bat is a candy novelty not yet explored. We are shaking with curious excitement just imaging this sinister shape. How long will the Reese's bat milk chocolate wingspan be? Will it actually look like a bat? Will eating one fill us with Halloween spirit? Only time, and purchasing a pack of our own, will tell. According to Cosmopolitan, this new treat is currently available only at Target for $3.59 a "Snack-Size" bag — so now we know where our weekends will be taking us...(To the nearest Target, a.s.a.p.) And now that Reese's has stepped up its spooky-shape game, we're curious to see what other big name candy brands will drop in the coming weeks. Here's hoping that Twix debuts the "Spider," or Kit Kat hits us with a "Vampire Fangs" bar — I personally am holding out hope for the Peeps' "Werewolf."

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