This New Trader Joe's Freezer Product Combines Two Of Our Favorite Things

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
When eating at a Thai restaurant, one's meal may be bookended by two seriously delicious dishes. For a starter, you might enjoy an order of spring rolls with fresh, crisp vegetables and herbs. Then, for dessert, you might finish off with sweet mango sticky rice. With these two dishes, a Thai dining experience can start and end on a high note. Now, with some help from Trader Joe's, we can enjoy both at the same time. Yes, once again, TJ's has come up with an innovative new way to snack, with the release of its Mango & Sticky Rice Spring Rolls.
To make this hybrid snack, Trader Joe’s simmers rice in fresh-pressed coconut milk, according to the product description on their website. When the rice becomes sticky, pieces of Nam Dok Mai mango are added in. Then, the mixture is bundled in spring roll wrappers. The flavor combination is rich, sweet, and fruity, and since TJ's does all the heavy lifting, the snack is easy to make whenever your sweet tooth strikes.
Trader Joe's explains that the snack takes only ten minutes to bake or pan-fry. When they are done, you've got with crispy, flaky, golden-brown treats that are easy to eat in their convenient, tasty little packages.
Like with most of Trader Joe's best products, one of the most appealing parts about the Mango & Sticky Rice Spring Rolls is the price. Each box comes with five spring rolls and costs $2.99. In case you're not a math person, TJ's kindly points out that comes to just 60 cents per roll.
Though the Mango & Sticky Rice Spring Rolls haven't been in freezer aisles long, it has already become a fave snack among TJ's regular customers, and it was even included in Trader Joe's Top 50 Products lists in honor of the grocery chain's recent 50th anniversary. Clearly, bringing together a Thai appetizer and dessert in one easy-to-eat snack has already made a good impression.

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