The Weird Way Game Of Thrones Might Change Your Dating Life

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Confession: I have never watched a single episode of Game Of Thrones. Honestly, I don't know why. I'm exactly the type of TV nerd who would love a show like GoT, but I missed the first few seasons and before I knew it everyone was whispering that winter was coming and talking about red weddings and it seemed too late to ever catch up.
But now might be the time to get started because my dating life is apparently suffering due to my inability to talk about Jon Snow.
At least, that's the take away from a recent data dive. Ahead of the season finale this weekend, the online dating site parsed through its Singles In America survey, which questioned more than 5,500 single people across the U.S. (not just Match users) on their habits in 2016, to see how often people who watch Game Of Thrones reported going out on dates or having sex. Turns out, being a GoT fan correlates to a busier romantic life.
Game of Thrones fans were 81% more likely to have had a date and 61% more likely to have had sex in the last year, according to a report shared with Refinery29. GoT fans seemed to be a little bit more risqué, too. They are reportedly 29% more likely to have had a friend with benefits relationship and 26% more likely to have filmed sex at some point in their lives.
They're also, weirdly, 31% more likely to do yoga and 42% more likely to be interested in skiing.
The data isn't clear about why Game Of Thrones has this positive boost on sex and dating (and yoga, for some reason) or if it's even completely related to Game Of Thrones at all. It could just be a strange coincidence. But even if it is just a fluke, it can't hurt to give season one, episode one a chance. At the very least, it could be a good conversation starter.
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