Supreme Made Chopsticks & A Sake Set For Skaters Who Sushi

Though it seems like a true renegade skater boi or girl would just make do with their stash of cheap wooden takeout chopsticks and soy sauce packets like the rest of us, Vice's Munchies column reports that a fancier (or more commercial, at least) option will soon be swaying sushi fans.
The New York City-based skate shop and clothing brand Supreme is branching out to kitchenware with its new fall-winter collection, out August 24. The new items include a Kill Bill Vol. 1-esque pair of enamel chopsticks presented in a red case and a white ceramic sake carafe with two matching cups. All of it's branded with the Supreme logo, because heaven forbid you invite your crew over for yakitori chicken and shrimp tempura rolls without them getting the message that you went to a lot of trouble for this, dudes. Also: Did you mention that you rolled that sushi by hand? And pickled the ginger yourself? And got wasabi paste in your eye while trying to execute a shrimp tail flip like the chef at Benihana taught you?
Unfortunately, while the new Supreme wares may also include such bare necessities as a snow sled and a Fender Stratocaster, they overlooked other sushi staples like a logo-emblazoned bamboo sushi mat, dipping bowls, and a mini soy sauce carafe. And would it have killed them to have thrown in a nifty red and white sushi conveyor belt while they were at it? One of those fancy Japanese toilets wouldn't have gone amiss, either.
The most practical option is, of course, to stick with your local sushi bar or to continue hoarding disposable chopsticks courtesy of your go-to delivery service. Still, the buzz for this slick sushi swag is strong. No shame in making your kitchen a little more Nobu, boo.

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